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Spanish association of manufacturers of urban furniture and playground areas



Export Plan Activities

Joint Exhibition in Trade Fairs

This activity consists into coordinates the join exhibition of Spanish companies in the major international fairs specialized in the sector. It gives a joint image of the Spanish industry in the main foreign markets.

Direct Trade Missions

The aim of these missions is to increase the presence of our products in certain markets. To do so, these missions are organized in collaboration with commercial offices in Spain and abroad. They visit the selected countries and during 3-4 days make interviews with the main importers and distributors of their products.

Inverse Trade Missions

To carry out this activity, significant importers are selected from different countries and they are invited to come to Spain with the aim of letting them know about the reality of Spanish companies. They visit the company or participate in the most representative fairs in the sector. This activity is also performed with specialized media journalist so that, trough their reports, the Spanish sector of urban furniture and playgrounds is better known in their respective countries.

Study Missions

AFAMOUR moves one of its technicians in the country selected as destination to study in order to manage a market studying in there, having interviews with importers, distributors and key informants related to the sector. At the end of the mission a report with information is made and so then it is studied the possibility of further business in the country.

Other Promoting Activities

All the above activities are supported and strengthened through articles catalogues, website, etc., that make possible the Spanish industry of playgrounds and urban furniture is known.