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Spanish association of manufacturers of urban furniture and playground areas

Cabanes Urban

Technology & Design Cabanes, was born in 1994 specializing in urban furniture manufacture, although the root of such company is the family enterprise founded in 1917. With the acquire experience on design and manufacture of urban furniture elements, Cabanes faces up to a new phase expanding his production to indoor spaces for public use and controled outdoor spaces. Cabanes provides these places with products which help to the human relationships, with products suitable to its use, where the aesthetics, functionality, quality and fair value are joint. We create an area where people can rest, observe, chat, play, think, have a lunch, take the sun... For this, it is necesary a several items which help people feels a part of it and being identified. Elements of Resting, Lighting, Cleaning, Signaling, Delimitation, Gardening...


We perform the needs of the moment, modeling ideas with hard working and dynamism..


The creativity is the main motor in the creation of each model and stereotype, under control once and again in order to avoid irregular performances or mistakes. We are delighted to work with prestigious external designers, aside our own team, this means a continuously stream of ideas.



Cabanes Urban
Pol. Ind. Avanzado – Avda. de la Ciencia, 7
T +34 960 627 057